UKIF 5 minute interview: Racheal West

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Racheal West

Tell us about yourself, your crew, previous film projects and your current project.

Ok so my names Racheal I am currently in pre production with my short film The Conspiracy Effect which is an LGBT film set in a world where homosexuality is wrong and the government are running tests to eradicate the homosexuality gene. The film is set around a group of 4 friends who meet at the institute where they are under going various tests and therapies. My previous films I have made have been whilst studying Video Production at Derby Uni and can all be found on my youtube channel by searching Blacgoddess69. My previous films have mainly been horror/ thriller short films however I have had the chance to be able to work with a local film company on their various short films and most recently on their debut feature film “Wasteland”

Dealing with your current project, why did you decide to go independent with it, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

I support independent filmmakers and felt that I wanted full say on the film I am making. The challenges I have found so far is finding interest from actors, I have had a lot of interest for the female roles however not had much interest in the male roles however I feel I need to be open stating that it is a gay film but the film only deals with gay issues and not gay sex scenes. I am still currently casting for the film as well as location hunting so as yet I have not over come these problems however I am still persevering .

If you had to give one piece of advice to a budding independent film maker, what would it be?

Keep going don’t give up! It can and will take time in film making however never give up as you will be left wondering “what if?”

What filmmakers or films inspire you, whether independent or not?

I have always loved the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Quentine Tarrentino, Kevin Smith and Guy Ritchie. As for independent film makers I follow a lot of great film maers on twitter but the one that inspired me to get back in to film making and persue my script was Ad Lane (indywood) I have followed him for a few years and have followed his tweetathons and fundraising for “Invasion of The Not Quite Dead” He has so much passion and support for his film and he is such a great guy!

Are the current crop of funding platforms (Kickstart etc) working for independent film, or Do you believe there needs to be something specifically geared for it?

I think the fundraising platforms currently available are great and offer so much coverage for fundraising and film makers. I used Indigogo for my fundraising and found it so easy to set up and easy to manage and see the traffic coming to the page and where the traffic had come from as well as who was promoting the page.

Independent film is starting to grow quickly across the world, where do you see your place in it in the future? Will you continue to make independent films or do you see it as a springboard making industry sponsored films?

I hope to be able to make more of my own films as well as helping other filmmakers out with their films. I have always wanted a career in film however at the moment in time it’s a hard market to get in to. As for independent film I will always have a love for it and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you Racheal, please see the above link for more information about Racheals work and don’t forget to check out her youtube channel.

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