UKIF 5 minute interview: Kieran Jones

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Kieran Jones


Tell us about yourself and your work 

I’m Kieran, I’m a 22 year old 4’1” actor, broadcast, presenter, performer! I have been lucky enough to appear in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, done TV programs such as ITV 2’s Only Way is Essex and Sky’s Hunderby and even appeared in music videos including with Example. Other work has included various pantomimes and performing at festivals, parties and night clubs across the country and even for royalty. I am a qualified journalist and have also worked in production behind the camera for ITV, BBC and Channel 4.

When did you decide you wanted to be in the film industry?

I had always enjoyed doing acting and when I was younger I did amateur dramatic. I then got myself an agent, but for years didn’t do anything. I was studying Broadcast Journalism when I got a call about auditioning for Harry Potter. I then got it and was given a foreground role and my professional acting career started from there!

Given how independent films are produced there is usually very little or no  money spent on  cast and  crew, given  this why do  you work  in independent productions, are they  a  springboard  to  more commercial opportunities? 

Being small I often get stereotypical roles and jobs, I think independent film gives me a chance to help push these boundaries for parts which wouldn’t have necessarily had to be for small people, giving me more opportunities to do more serious acting and films, whilst also supporting other people chasing their dreams.

What or who inspires you to do what you do?  Which films, actors  or crew do you most  look up to? 

I wouldn’t say anyone particularly inspires me, I just love what I do!

If you could  put  one role, acting or crew, on  your Filmography what would  it be? 

Currently I would love to do more presenting work, so love to be a Blue Peter Presenter, it would be amazing, and this is something I have just applied for!  Film wise I don’t know, maybe I could be a mini James Bond one day, half the size and twice the action or something!

Independent films generally struggle for funding,  do you believe the current crowdfunding  sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc)  work for film,  or is there a market for a film specific model? 

Having not used them myself its not something I am particularly up on, however from what I have seen it seems to work well, giving people an opportunity to make some brilliant films and bring to life their dreams.

Thanks for the interview Kieran

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