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Dean Sills

  • actor, writer
  • Blaze of Gory
  • Exorcism of Evil
  • A Total Thug Up
  • Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich
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Tell us about yourself, your current work, examples of your work

I am a 44 year old actor and writer from Yorkshire.I started acting last year, loving every moment so far, my current work is acting in a film called “Blaze of Gory” this is 9 short stories adapted for the screen and brought to you through the eyes of 9 independent horror directors. It’s being filmed in Norway, USA and the UK. I  recently played Mr Lutz in a new Television documentary entitled, “Exorcism of Evil” this was directed by Philip Gardiner.

Examples of my work include playing Chris in “A Total Thug up” and Lt Botis, a Nazi in “Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich” I have just been signed up with Awesome Talent Agency and I will be working on a few projects which will be released in the USA. You can keep up to date with my work by checking my IMDb page out or follow me on twitter and face book, Dean Sills actor.


When did you first decide you wanted to be in film

In the past I worked on two short films ( one which got shown on TV) along with a Direct Line Tv ad but it wasn’t until last year that I decided I wanted to work in films after I played a Zombie in “The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead” I loved working on this film so much, it just gave me the acting bug and I am over the moon to see the film is doing so well. I made some great friends from this and the director and producer were fantastic to work for along with everyone at Safehouse Pictures-UK.This was made on the kind of budget that wouldn’t provide tea and toast for a Hollywood shoot but it was done in a true professional manner and the end results show this as a true gem of a movie.


Given how independent films are produced there is usually very little or no money spent on cast and crew, given this why do you work in independent productions, are they a springboard to more commercial opportunities?

To me it’s all about the love of acting, being on a film set is like being a kid at Christmas, I just get so excited. I think it’s the best way to learn your trade, you also need to know which film companies will give you the best opportunities to help you make it as an actor. I have turned down a few parts because it just didn’t feel right by reading the script, it’s no good working on a film if it don’t get a sale/distribution, nobody will see your work. Since I started last year I have now got some commercial paid work and this is thanks to everyone from Damian Morter to Philip Gardiner. Working on independent productions is something I am very proud of, everyone treats you like family and I have nothing but praise for anyone in this business working on indie films.


What or who inspires you to do what you do? Which films, actors or crew do you most look up to?

The actor who inspires me the most is Clint Eastwood, I love all his work especially his westerns. I am also very inspired by the directors I have worked for including Philip Gardiner,Steve Call,Tom Wadlow and Damian Morter, because it’s not all about the money, you just need the right crew, a great bunch of actors, a good story and a great Director to bring it all together .I also look up to actors I have worked with along with the great make-up artists, It’s no good making a fantastic horror flick if the make-up looks poor on screen, every thing needs to fit together like a jigsaw. I have a lot of respect for everyone especially Philip Gardiner and Michelle Gent who I have worked with a few times now and grateful to them both for giving me the role of Lt Botis in “Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich”


If you could put one role, acting or crew, on your Filmography what would it be?

This would be my role as Chris in “A Total Thug up” I really loved this character, I had some good dialogue, a big fight scene plus I got to act more on screen than any of my other roles so far. The cast and crew were all amazing and I enjoyed working with them all on this comedy, action film, set in Bradford. I will always be grateful to Terry Turner, Marje Turner and the director Steve Call for giving me this opportunity.


Independent films generally struggle for funding,do you believe the current crowd funding sites (Kickstarter,Indiegogo etc) work for film,or is there a market for a film specific model?

I believe Indiegogo does work for film if you can market the film in the right way. Last year I was a Zombie in a film called “Wasteland” and this raised much funding on Indiegogo. It’s got a fantastic Director called Tom Wadlow and a great cast and crew. The official trailer is on youtube with over 5,000 views so far. You can even see me in the trailer getting shot with an arrow. It’s clear to see if you put something as great as this together it will get funding and there is a big market for horror movies. The aim is now to get it through post-production ready for Cannes 2013 and it’s looming sale/distribution. Well done Light Films.


Thanks Dean, don’t forget to check out his work.

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