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Antony D Lane

Tell us about yourself, your crew, previous film projects and your current project.

 Well… my name is AD, (Antony David Lane), I was once the ultimate twitter timeline destroyer, but thats an answer to a different question, I’m a huge fan of the horror genre, 50’s b-movies & anything that comes close to being quirky or surreal, & this last several years I’ve been passionately fighting to make my ultimate horror movie called ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’…

when I left film school, it became very quickly apparent that a first time filmmaker with an original horror concept, wasn’t going to get any funding, & in 2007, I began using the internet to promote the film I wanted to make, after a couple of years of unsuccessful attempts, I turned to twitter to ask for help, & to my surprise people began to donate, & with that came a bit of timeline destroying on twitter, especially when doing epic no sleep twitter film fundraisers, ranging anywhere from 50 to 107 hours straight, in fact, I did about 18 of them, slowly turning into a zombie to fund my movie… so, now in 2013, we’re sorting out equipment, finalising actors, working on sets, & basically getting ready to begin shooting what we hope will be a future classic horror film, I also hope that my dedication to the project inspires others to never quit on their dreams, I am proof that if you put the time in, & believe in yourself & your product, you can make it, when I get to the premiere of ‘INVASION’, thats when I’ve officially made my dreams come true, so until that day, its all about keeping the dream alive…


Dealing with your current project, why did you decide to go independent with it, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

 There is one major challenge that comes with wanting to make a feature film & thats raising a budget, & when I left film school I was soooooo stubborn about how I wanted my first film to look, & even more stubborn that I wanted to have control over the creative vision of the film, it didn’t take long to realise that most filmmakers don’t get that luxury, & being mentored by the late great filmmaking legend Ken Russell, he made me see that the only way to make the film I wanted to make, was either doing it the no budget way, or trying to fund it in an alternative way, so to me, raising the budget was the biggest challenge, especially to my sanity, its actually amazing for me to go on twitter now & see hundreds, if not thousands of filmmakers using twitter to fundraise for their projects, back in 2009, it was just me… & I really was alone on there doing it, back then I really wanted to show the world that twitter was the perfect place to raise awareness for your film & to also raise your films budget, now everyone seems to be doing it, so it really is great to have been there at the beginning… but ultimately, being fully independent & crowd funded, means 100% creative freedom, you can make the film thats in your head & that has been the reason I’ve spent many many years fighting for my film project, now I’m in a position to make the film that I want to make, & its one hell of a great feeling…


If you had to give one piece of advice to a budding independent film maker, what would it be?

 My #1 bit of advice is to NEVER GIVE UP, & this doesn’t just go out to budding independent filmmakers, but anyone with a dream or desire to better their lives, its very easy to have a dream, but it can take your sanity away to try & make it happen… & in regards to filmmakers, it really is a case of, get some film equipment, & get out there… make some shorts, put them on youtube & promote your work, use the social media sites to get it noticed, take the feedback you get on board & then go out & make another one, the more you create, the more you learn…


What film makers or films inspire you?

I am inspired by filmmakers who risk all to make their movies happen, I’m a huge fan of Werner Herzog & his movie Fitzcarraldo, which to me symbolises the true essence of battling the odds for your dreams, other filmmakers include Jacques Tati & his movie ‘PlayTime’, which after a successful run as write/producer/director/actor, he had the chance to make his ultimate movie, he did it his way, 100% his movie, & to complete the film he risked everything, the movie flopped & he lost everything, but to him, that movie represented everything, who he was, who he wanted to be remembered for, an absolute inspiration for anyone who is trying to keep 100% creative control… I’m also inspired by movies that have a character go on a journey, maybe the character isn’t the same person at the end of the movie, that he was at the beginning, for me as a viewer, I love to go on the journey with the character… My all time favorite movie is ‘Back To The Future’, it was the film that inspired me to be a filmmaker, I left school with no ambition, no confidence, & no real qualifications, but the movie ‘Back To The Future’ really did inspire me to go after my dream of being a filmmaker… but most dreams can take a lifetime to come true, its all about never giving up… I left school 18 years ago & I still haven’t given up on my dream… so THANK YOU ‘Back To The Future’…


Are the current crop of funding platforms (Kickstart etc) working for independent film, or do you believe there needs to be something specifically geared for it?

I think right now, crowd funding is actually in a great place, its very much recognised now & is less of a controversial subject, its becoming more accepted as a way for independent filmmakers who wouldn’t normally stand a chance at raising any money for their projects to actually have a chance at raising some, if not all their budget, so its great for the little guy/girl with big dreams, but, for me, the only way crowd funding can take a turn for the worse, is if the studios latch on, getting the fans to fund their movies, then it takes something away from the true essence of what its about, & thats to give people opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have, so I’m hoping that we don’t enter a phase where the studios take over the crowd funding platforms, only time will tell, but as with everything, evolution is a way of life…


Independent film is starting to grow quickly across the world, where do you see your place in it in the future? Will you continue to make independent films or do you see it as a springboard making industry sponsored films?

I’m probably one of the most stubbornest people you could ever meet, so, with that in mind, I’ll probably stick to keeping most, if not all my projects independent, for the simple fact, I can have creative control, to me thats the most important thing, & I have no desire to make million + movies, I have a lot of ideas for projects & they’re all very low budget independent affairs & thats something that excites the hell out of me, so the future is looking amazing, I wouldn’t be INDYWOOD if I wanted to go HOLLYWOOD…


Thank you AD.

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