Survivors: Final trailer released

Final Trailer Lands for SURVIVORS, out worldwide in October

The Infection is almost upon us judging by the terrifying final trailer for indie horror SURVIVORS, the second feature from writer/director Adam J Spinks.

Survivors, a gritty and personal horror film, presents a unique blend of cinematic storytelling and found-footage that puts its characters and story first. “We didn’t want to make another typical genre movie” says the Director, “we wanted to push ourselves and challenge the boundaries of what people expect from this kind of film”



Kate Meadows (Joanne Gale) and her cameraman Duke (Simon Burbage) embark on a mission to uncover whether or not a government weapons contractor has secretly been using humans as their test subjects. As they dig deeper, they realise the brutal reality…
The test subjects have escaped and are carrying a deadly new contagion meant for use in biological war. They soon find themselves in a race for their own survival as the military lose the fight against the infected and those responsible for the outbreak stop at nothing to prevent the truth being revealed…

In a world without laws, without order and with nobody watching, how far would you go to survive?

“We’re delighted to be able to share this final trailer with everyone” says Producer Michael Beddoes “it’s an emotional film with a dark heart, I know it’s going to have audiences gripping the edge of their seats”

Survivors stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X, Run FatBoy Run) Simon Burbage (Extinction, Pulp: The Movie. Hollyoaks) David Anderson (How To Live Yours, 3some) Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Eva’s Diamond) alongside Vanessa Mayfield (Outside The Box)

Survivors is released in the USA, Canada and Mexico on October 20th courtesy of Continuum Motion Pictures and on October 26th in the United Kingdom.


All Hope Is Gone Exhausted Louise Survivors DVD Cover Front Cover Crop

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