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Jack travels into his forgotten past with the help of a mysterious psychologist to relive the forgotten and tragic death of his wife to find answers.
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Phase Six

A group of six young teenagers wake up to find themselves locked in a virtual house under the reign of a psychotic Artificial Intelligence, programmed to emotionally torture and hound them until they …
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Dead Lies

Grimsby businessman Jim Pennie (David Anderson) and his wife, Karin Pennie (not yet cast) have a happy life with their daughter Annie (not yet cast). However on the eve of Annie’s 10th birthday …
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Christmas Slay

‘CHRISTMAS SLAY’ is a unique take on the slash and stalk genre, a film inspired by so many great movie such as FRIDAY 13th, HALOWEEN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, and so many other cult horr…
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