Looters, Tooters And Sawn – Off Shooters: A Film By The King Brothers.

Looters, Tooters And Sawn-off Shooters (Or LTSS for Short), is a brutal film set in London that highlights the impact Gang Warfare reaps not only to the guilty of its time but to the innocent in generations to follow.

Danny Thompson is the Son of deceased ‘George Thompson’, Brother of reputed gangland Mob Boss ‘Charlie Thompson’, who was murdered just over a decade ago by an outfit with heavy ties to the notorious Gangster ‘Cheltham”.

Ten years on, Danny Thompson meets his own brutal death. Police find him in rivers of blood after being shot three times, once in the head and twice in the chest, again believed to have been another execution carried out by the twisted Cheltham Organisation. This sends huge outrage within the ‘Thompson Firm’.

Danny`s older Brother Frankie, seeks revenge by his own accord. Frankie is bitter towards his Uncle Charlie, blaming him for his misspent youth, total lack of parental care and numerous brushes with the law for petty offences, such as rioting and looting. Frankie sets out to kill Cheltham and his Associates of whom he knows nothing about, against Charlie’s will.

LTSS Promises to be a Roller Coaster of Emotions. It shows the devastating consequences of a past lifestyle that still haunt Retired Gangster Charlie Thompson to this day. As he can’t change the mess he made in the past, he angrily returns to salvage the future for the good, but the repercussions of this past on his Nephew Frankie and the Hatred towards him from his old associate Cheltham, who bears a seriously heartfelt grudge, brings a Psychotic Bloodbath of Revenge that follows…

LTSS has an Impressive Cast of Raw Talent, Including:

Paul King as Cheltham
Steve Brunton as Charlie Thompson
Darren James king as Frankie
Jill Buchanan as Maggie Thompson
Saffron Sprackling (Republica) as Head of C.I.D
Garry Bushell as Frank
Dean Maskell As Vixen
And Many More…

The LTSS Promo Trailer Can be seen here:

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