Lt. Wright, is a fighter pilot shot down during the Bosnian conflict. He wakes up hanging from his parachute, unsure of where he is. He is forced to flee through the forest on foot as the Serb army are close by. He has limited equipment and is unable to raise help on his radio. As he evades capture he has flashbacks about his life leading up to the crash. He struggles with how he left things with his girlfriend, Rachel, in their already troubled relationship. He remembers the advice offered by his best friend and fellow pilot, Turner, as they prepare for their deployment and try to understand the implications of their mission.

Having spent several days in the cold wading through marsh, running from soldiers under heavy fire, dodging minefields and packs of wolves, Wright eventually stumbles upon a young Bosnian farm girl, Danica. She quickly realises he poses no threat to her and gives him food and shelter. As they talk, Wright discovers the true extent of what is happening to the Bosnian people, and the purpose of his mission becomes even more clear.

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