Hosting for Indie Filmmakers

Need a place to store your film site, actor page or even a film review blog?  We’ve partnered with Vidahost to offer a low cost, but high feature, hosting solution.  For just £5 per month or £50 per year (plus the cost of a domain name, or just transfer an existing one) you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space.  Plus it’s all backed by one of Europe’s top hosting companies.

The £5 per month option is especially good if you want to try it out, just buy a month then if you don’t want to continue just cancel the PayPal agreement and you’re out.  You can even contact us to change to a yearly contract and if it’s in the first two months you’ll still get the 2 months free price of £50.

Click below for more information or to sign up:

IndieVision hosting


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