“Another job, Before it was over a man would be dead, but this was a morbid fact that Adam, David and Elle had become coldly familiar with. They had countless jobs just like this one behind them and they were good at what they did. Adam the planner, dedicated to […]

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First ever horror film in made in Swansea! Indie Film makers Underworld Films have made a student horror film called WHY? and it has clinched a worldwide distribution deal that could potentially lead to a local cinema deal. Director Darren Protheroe says “It is a dream come true of mine […]

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When a space shuttle crashes to earth the daughter of a Russian Oligarch is trapped in the quarantine zone, until a team of Mercenaries are hired to extract her at any cost…. no matter what is lurking in the shadows. From the award-winning producer of The Hike comes an action […]

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Life’s Fare

WORKING TITLE: “Life’s Fare” Brief Synopsis: The film follows Paul, a lonely taxi driver who is going through a midlife crisis; nearing to the end of his long shift, he gets a last call over the radio for one last job. He picks up Wendy a fragile elderly lady. For […]

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Jack travels into his forgotten past with the help of a mysterious psychologist to relive the forgotten and tragic death of his wife to find answers.

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Phase Six

A group of six young teenagers wake up to find themselves locked in a virtual house under the reign of a psychotic Artificial Intelligence, programmed to emotionally torture and hound them until they can’t decide which of them are friends or foes.

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Dead Lies

Grimsby businessman Jim Pennie (David Anderson) and his wife, Karin Pennie (not yet cast) have a happy life with their daughter Annie (not yet cast). However on the eve of Annie’s 10th birthday she begins having nightmares. 

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