Johnny Blanchard

Follow up: Adam J Spinks

Adam J Spinks Producer/Screenwriter/Director Initiative Motion Pictures It’s been a couple of years since we first talked to you, what have you been up to? It’s great to catch up with you guys, thank you for taking the time out to get in touch! What have I been up to? […]

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Focus On: Ligatures

In this focus on we take a look at the new short film Ligatures: Title: Ligatures Genre: DRAMA – Surreal road movie. Length: 10 minutes. Language: English. Shooting format: 2K Pro res 4444 Budget type: Low – mid Target audience: 18-40 years old. Tag line: The closer we get to […]

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New feature

We posted the first in our new feature called Focus On, today it’s Survivors.  Focus On will share deeper information on indie films including stills, promos and press releases.  As always if you want your film to feature in Focus On then get in touch either by email at […]

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Focus On: Survivors

In this Focus On we share a new Press Release and stills from the film Survivors: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: How far would you go to survive? That’s the question at the heart of the upcoming feature film “Survivors” from Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Film. Produced by […]

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UKIF 5 minute interview: Damien Swaby

Instant Blurb Damien Swaby actor, filmmaker She moves me Tell us about yourself, your crew, previous film projects and your current project. I’m a filmmaker who has made five short films ranging from class, race, comedy and Jam in a honey jar to happiness in a tree house. I’m about […]

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“Another job, Before it was over a man would be dead, but this was a morbid fact that Adam, David and Elle had become coldly familiar with. They had countless jobs just like this one behind them and they were good at what they did. Adam the planner, dedicated to […]

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UKIF 5 minute interview: Dean Sills

Instant Blurb Dean Sills actor, writer Blaze of Gory Exorcism of Evil A Total Thug Up Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich IMDB Tell us about yourself, your current work, examples of your work I am a 44 year old actor and writer from Yorkshire.I started acting last year, […]

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UKIF 5 minute interview: Lydia Kay

Instant Blurb Lydia Kay actor Survivors Desperately Seeking The Invasion of the Not Quite Dead www twitter IMDB   Tell us about yourself, your current work, examples of your work. I actually hate questions like this… We’ll keep it short and sweet! I’m Lydia Kay – actress, film freak and […]

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