As The Sun Rises

2017. Manchester. Andy is in a loveless relationship that’s approaching it’s tenth anniversary with partner Emma. They first sparked a romance at Andy’s 17th birthday party and haven’t looked back since, or have they?

Andy has known he was gay from a very early age and has spent a chunk of his life masking his emotions and living a lie. One night out whilst on a dinner date with his partner Emma, a chance meeting changes his life.

He meets Sam, an openly gay man who instantly falls in love with him. He writes his number on the bottom of their bill which sparks Andy’s curiosity. Finally, they meet and Sam urges Andy to be honest about his sexuality to the people he loves the most but simple advice soon turns into an affair, which ignites with spectacular passion.

Through the trials and tribulations of a man who’s trying to live two lives, cracks start to appear. Until, one night, a chain of events lead to a terrible death, two arrests and two people in the dock.

What started as harmless fun leads to a gripping court case with an unimaginable conclusion…

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